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Vision & Mission


Develop consumer confidence on the authority role for protecting their rights and should be considered as a source of knowledge for the consumer awareness and guidance.​

The Authority plays a significant role in developing the national economy. To this end, the Authority shall:​

  1. Take appropriate measures to stabilize markets.
  2. Make consumer aware of misleading advertisements and the role of the Authority in fighting them.
  3. Receive complaints from consumers and consumer societies, investigate them and find appropriate solutions.
  4. Continuously follow up commercial activities, monitor movement of goods and services and making sure availability of basic goods.
  5. Encourage fair competition, combat forfeiting and the monopoly harmful to the national economy.
  6. Design action plans for the enhancement and protection of consumer rights.
  7. Make researches and studies on consumer protection.
  8. Work for the implementation of consumer protection laws and regulations.
  9. Recommend suitable rules and regulations for market organization.
  10. Study the proposals and recommendations received in connection with consumer rights.
  11. Represent the Sultanate in regional and international conferences & meetings related to its functions.​


The objectives of the Authority as follow
  1. To work for c​onsumer protection from price fluctuations.
  2. To monitor market prices of goods and services and curb their rise.
  3. To insure the consumer’s freedom of choice, equality, fair treatment, honesty and credibility.
  4.  To raise consumer’s general awareness and use proper scientific means to spread it on accurate and balanced bases in the society as a whole.
  5. To find prompt solutions for consumer complaints.
  6. To fight counterfeiting, swindling and monopoly.
  7. To encourage establishment and support consumer protection societies



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