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About Us

​About Us​​​

The Consumer Protection Authority (CPA) was established in 2011 by the Royal Decree No.26/2011 to develop a sustainable downstream chain to support Oman’s thriving consumer market and protect consumer rights. Its primary objectives are to protect the market from price fluctuations, guarantee fair treatment, honesty and credibility, develop consumer general awareness, find prompt solutions to consumer complaints, and fight counterfeiting, swindling and monopoly.​

General Functions

The general functions of the Authority are:
  • ​Supervise the implementation of the Sultanate's general policy on consumer protection in coordination with other government competent authorities.
  •  Supervise the design of plans and programs necessary for consumer protection and the enhancement of such protection.
  •  Conduct surveys on different market and consumer-related issues.
  • Continuously follow up, thorough market inspection, abidance by consumer protection rules, and availability of quality goods at reasonable prices.
  • Work for the promotion and development of the market situations in order to provide the consumer with a wider choice of products at lower prices.
  • To develop consumer general awareness and use proper scientific means to spread it on accurate and balanced bases in the society as a whole.
  •  Collaborate with all the State units concerned with consumer protection, and liaise with them to streamline the Authority's work and assist it in achieving its goals.
  • Work for materializing the principle of fair competition and antimonopoly.
  • Prepare studies on market regulation to prevent monopoly and encourage fair competition among merchants, in coordination with competent bodies.
  •  Study commercial and economic conditions in the Sultanate, as well as market structure, and recommend the rules and procedures necessary for market stability.
  •  Encourage competition and combat swindling and monopolies harmful to the country economy.
  •  Promote international cooperation in the field of consumer protection.
  • Supervise cooperative and domestic societies concerned with consumer protection and facilitate their establishment.


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