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The Public Authority for Consumer Protection strongly believes that providing efficient, transparent and satisfactory service to the consumers can create a healthy and a prosperous consumer market. Therefore, it strives to protect consumer rights and promote awareness, which require participation from the consumers themselves. PACP has developed the Complaints and Suggestions service to work hand-in-hand with consumers to achieve that, by presenting them with the ability to lodge a complaint or a suggestion against a retailer, product, service, or the authority itself, from anywhere and at any time. Through this service, you are invited to provide your suggestions and lodge your complaints regarding the following:

  • A retailer who is providing a product or a service at a higher price
  • A product that does not meet the quality standards or does not perform as advertised
  • A service that was delivered below the promised levels of quality and time
  • A problem or inconvenience with PACP services or representatives

To lodge a complaint or provide a suggestion:

1.Provide your details as your name and mobile number or email so that PACP can contact you

2.Provide details of the retailer, product, or service you are complaining about or providing a suggestion for

3.Enter the details of your complaint or suggestion

4.Attach relevant files if available

5.Submit/Send the complaint

The Complaints and Suggestions service is provided through the following channels:

Electronic submission form through the PACP portal

The PACP mobile app ► PACP Mobile App

The customer line ► 80079009- 80077997

PA​CP email ►

PACP fax ► 24119119

PACP customer service centers



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